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Creativity is the highest form of mental functioning.


The Center for Gifted offers an innovative and unique approach to education, providing enriching opportunities for motivated students to explore diverse subjects in a challenging, creative environment free from the pressures of tests and grades. At The Center for Gifted, programs are designed specifically to meet the unique educational needs of advanced learners in an environment that is supportive and nurturing of their individual gifts and talents.


Founded in 1983, the Center for Gifted serves children who express capacity for high performance in diverse areas of intelligence. Through creative teaching strategies, materials, and curricula, the Center's programs offer unique, hands-on activities and inventive modes of participation. Our faculty comprise outstanding professionals - experts in their respective fields - who communicate effectively with children and reflect a genuine sensitivity and commitment to learning. Differentiation and creative critical thinking are the cornerstones of our programs.


The Center for Gifted and Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity offers diverse and challenging programs fall, winter break, winter, spring, and summer. Programs range from Wondrous Workshops of Saturday or Sunday, Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder in the Winter, four or five Sunday afternoons each, to a summer of many exciting one, two, and three week programs, half day and all day, June, July, and beginning August. Programs reflect courses in science, math, humanities, the arts, computers, robotics, all designed to advance the thinking, creating, and producing talents and abilities of participants. Courses challenge students to think more perceptively, creatively, deeply, and expansively.

Parent Seminars are offered in conjunction with Center programs held year round. The Director of the Center is a major speaker along with others to introduce parents to the world of encouraging bright, motivated children and young people to think creatively and critically in both school and home settings through activities, materials, and strategies applicable to them. Parents are the most accurate judges of the talents of their students and deserving of knowledge of how to advance the abilities, insights, and talents of their children. Parent Seminars will enable parents to encourage their child's ability to create, problem solve, reason inductively, and produce. Varied collections of materials will be distributed, and books written by the Director and faculty will be available.







Manifesto for Children

The Center for Gifted is a not-for-profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The Center for Gifted reserves the right to change without notice any statements on this website or in its brochures concerning but not limited to rules, policies, tuition, fees, courses, locations, or staff. It is the policy of The Center for Gifted not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin in matters of admissions or services relating to its programs.
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