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We recognize and discern the great variety of talents and abilities that children express.


For our fall 2017 programs, bright, motivated students entering 1st through 12th grades in fall 2017 from any educational setting, whether public, private, parochial, or home school, may apply. They must be 4 years old by June 1, 2017. Recommendations are not required for our fall and winter break programs.


New students, who never have attended a CFG program, must be recommended by teachers. A completed and signed recommendation form (available online and in our printed materials) must be

submitted with application or mailed, faxed, or emailed (to info@centerforgifted.org) separately. If an applicant is unable to obtain a teacher recommendation, the student's most current grade report may

be substituted.


Returning students do not require teacher recommendations. They are eligible upon our timely

receipt of their applications.


Applicants need not have qualified for advanced programming at their schools; test scores are not the

sole criterion for our programs although our students generally rank at or above the 95th percentiles in many areas.


Please note: There are never any application deadlines or late registration fees for our programs or workshops. Enrollment remains open until each program begins.


As a general reference, please peruse the list below; ideal candidates typically manifest many of these characteristics during their preprimary, primary, or elementary school years.


Express curiosity and creativity
Use complex language skills
Enjoy challenges
Discuss and elaborate on ideas
Ask thoughtful questions
Use learned information in new contexts
Have unique problem-solving abilities
Show ability to place objects in logical sequence
Are keenly observant
Enjoy reading
Have well-developed imaginations
Create and/or tell stories
Demonstrate talent in art, music, writing, or drama
Exhibit wit and humor
Act independently and with initiative
Have sustained attention spans
Have extensive vocabularies
Have good memories


If uncertain about their child’s eligibility, parents are welcome to request a conference with the CFG Director, Joan Franklin Smutny.


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