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The programs of the Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity/The Center for Gifted, a Northern Illinois University partner, are designed to teach students to think, innovate problem-solve, and take risks.  In our view, lack of success does not equal failure or defeat; it provides opportunities for assessment, analysis, modification, and redesign.




Free parent seminars, designed to enable parents to foster creativity and innovation within the family and at home, offer attendees insights from experts, opportunities for networking, books, resources and consultations for students, parents and educators.



We realize that outside mandates can create a challenge to meeting the needs of your students. Our diverse hands-on programs and activities are designed to stimulate imagination and creativity.  We want to ignite in students a desire to learn. 

Bring our programs into your school! 

We offer in-school field trips, assemblies, 1/2 or full day workshops for students or teachers, after school programs and one-day weekend workshops. Our outstanding teachers and industry professionals offer exciting problem solving classes and workshops in STEM, Science, Math, Technology, The Arts and History. Choose from our course library, or suggest one of your own. 


Inherent in the Center are one, two, and three week summer programs and four or five Sunday winter programs. These opportunities enable your students to think deeper, to question, expand horizons of thought, and create new ideas projects, and activities.  Parent satisfaction increases as you host innovative programs for their children. 



Do you have students who "need more"?  Students who learn best by "doing"?  These are the students who are ready and right for our programs.  They learn to question and look for new innovative ways to problem solve.  Students who attend our programs often come away with a new sense of self-confidence and a hunger to learn more.



Students tend to choose careers from the ones that they know of or have been exposed to. We work with corporations to create programs that help students understand a business, industry, or corporation and ways to improve it in the future.

For example if you are a waste management company, we work with your engineers to develop programs to teach students "what happens when you flush"?  Where does the water go?  How is it cleaned/decomposed? 

In the field of electricity, we would work with engineers to learn about energy.  How does it get from the source to your house?  How do the wind turbines and other sources connect to the grid?  What is the grid?  In what ways can improve electrical distribution in the future?

With your engineers working in a classroom with our teachers, students learn real life technology as your professionals guide them. They are empowered to dream up innovative solutions for the industries' future needs. 



The community is a significant partner.  We often hold our one day and one week classes at places in the community.  At a park, a museum, or a particular business.  This introduces the students and their parents to a new business and location. The students in turn take part in a unique classroom of thinking and learning. 


We have held classes at Cantigny Park, at a specialized bakery, and look forward to an upcoming partnership with a music store where students can learn about the art of designing, crafting, and playing a stringed instrument.


If you have a unique business activity or ideas that you would like to share with students and their families, please contact us.




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