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Ensure Creativity Thrives!

Support Innovation, Ingenuity, Imagination, and Invention!


Founded in 1983, the Center for Gifted/Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity provides thousands of children each year with unique, hands-on learning opportunities employing inventive modes of delivery and participation.


Our faculty comprises outstanding professionals - experts in their respective fields - who communicate effectively with children and reflect a genuine sensitivity and commitment to teaching and learning. Differentiation and critical thinking are the cornerstones of all our programs.


The Center for Gifted/Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity is a not-for-profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3). As such, The Center’s operating costs are funded primarily through tuition payments and the continued generosity of benefactors including:

The Mirza Foundation
The Private Bank and Trust Company
Erick & Gail Peterson
Marian & Ed Dusold


As part of our 2076/2018 fundraising efforts, we are now offering individuals the opportunity to participate and help ensure creativity thrives in our community!


All funds raised (100%) go toward helping the Center continue to provide unique and exceptional educational opportunities and services.


Please click HERE or the “Donate” button on the left sidebar to make a SECURE contribution.


You may specify how you wish your contribution to be used, or it can be applied to the area of greatest need. Currently, our areas of need include:

- Facilities and general operating expenses
- Teacher recruitment and training
- Curriculum Development
- Financial Aid and Scholarships
- Technology Fund
- General supplies and materials
- Outreach Programs and School Partnerships
- International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards
- Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity
- Student Transportation

Creativity is expensive!
We are grateful for your tax-deductible contribution of ANY amount!

Materials donations and volunteer opportunities are also welcome. Please email Vickie Kiamco or contact the Centerís administrative offices at 847-901-0173 for more details.


The Center for Gifted is a not-for-profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The Center for Gifted reserves the right to change without notice any statements on this website or in its brochures concerning but not limited to rules, policies, tuition, fees, courses, locations, or staff. It is the policy of The Center for Gifted not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin in matters of admissions or services relating to its programs.
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